The Iowa Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (IDA) says its irrigation repair division lost $1.2 million because of a drought.

It says in a statement that it was hit by a power outage at the time of the loss.

The statement said that IDA is working to repair the equipment that it had on hand for the month of January, but the agency is still awaiting a response from Iowa Power and Light Co. The drought has affected the irrigation department’s ability to fix the water systems that drain irrigation runoff from the state’s fields.

IDA says it is investigating the cause of the outage and expects to have a fuller update in the next few days.

IDD said it is working with Iowa Power & Light Co., the company that manages the irrigation system, to restore irrigation services and to prevent further losses in the future.

It also said that the agency expects to restore power to affected fields by Wednesday.

The agency says that while the irrigation repair business is a highly specialized and lucrative industry, it is critical to the overall economic health of Iowa.

IDDA said it expects to recover the full $1,400,000 from the farmers affected by the outage.