A B.C. farmer says he’s been paid $15,000 after an accident in which his hand was cut off during an irrigation.

Dan Miller says he was working at a farm in the area of the Lower Fraser River in November 2017 when he slipped and fell while trying to cut down a tree.

“I’ve been in the field a long time and I’ve been very skilled in that area of cutting down trees,” Miller told CBC News.

“And this was a small tree and I was trying to get some wood to cut a little bit off, but I slipped and it fell on top of me.”

The B.c.

Department of Natural Resources and Forestry (DNRF) said in a news release that Miller’s accident happened when he was cutting down a small branch.

“He sustained a non-life threatening cut on his hand, which required the use of a bandage,” the release said.

“It is expected that the bandage will be replaced.”

Miller, who has been employed at the farm since 2014, said he’s now a full-time farmer, but still enjoys the work.

“We’re trying to do something that will benefit our community, and that’s really just to get by and survive,” Miller said.

In a statement, the DNRF said it has launched an investigation into the incident and will conduct an independent review of the incident.

“DNR will be providing compensation of up to $15k for the injured worker,” the DNFF said in the release.

“The worker will receive medical treatment and a compensation package that includes a payment of $5,000 for lost wages and benefits.”

The DNRFs investigation has been completed, the agency said.

The DNFFs investigation is expected to be completed within six months.