By Steve PylePublished August 24, 2018 12:33:59The latest research from the University of Adelaide suggests that the best way to dig a ditch is to dig water from your soil.

In the research, published in the latest issue of the journal Nature Communications, researchers from the Department of Earth Sciences at the University in Adelaide studied the effects of irrigation on the composition of soil and the behaviour of the water.

They found that irrigation did not reduce the water content of the soil, but it did reduce the clay content.

The research also found that the clay in the soil was not replaced as often.

Dr Tom Nelms from the department of earth sciences at the university said that irrigation had the potential to reduce soil erosion in agricultural land and was also a “great way to remove soil water”.

“Our work shows that irrigation can be an effective way of reducing the water in soils in order to control soil erosion,” Dr Nelmans said.

“We found that a large portion of irrigation water used was used to fill irrigation ditch spaces.”

The research found that water from the irrigation ditch did not significantly alter soil mineral composition, but did result in an increase in water in the soils.

Dr Nelmas said the researchers had already found that soil erosion from irrigation in Australia had been reduced by up to 30 per cent in the last 20 years, which was attributed to improved irrigation techniques.

“There are a number of factors that may be related to the reduced soil erosion that we have seen,” Dr D’Arcy said.

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