It is now the third time this year that the Texas legislature has voted to make dental hygiene mandatory for all dental offices.

The law requires the state’s three largest providers of dentures, who provide about 40 percent of all dentures statewide, to offer dental hygiene services by the end of April.

Dentures and dental hygiene is one of many areas where Texans are facing a shortage of care.

The state has been struggling with high rates of cavities and tooth decay.

There have also been concerns about the use of dental hygienists.

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The American Dental Association estimates that the state has about 3.6 million dental hygeines and more than 20,000 dental hysterectomies.

The Legislature has made no changes to its law, and it will take effect immediately.

The Department of Health and Human Services said it is aware of the proposal and is reviewing the proposal.

“We are disappointed that the Legislature is considering a bill that would eliminate the opportunity to have a dental hygeris in our state,” said Dr. Eric M. McDaniel, president and CEO of the American Dural Association, which represents more than 70 dental hydrants in the state.

“We urge the Legislature to reconsider its proposed legislation and instead ensure that Texas remains the state of the highest quality in our health care system.”