A few years ago, I did a video on the differences between nail color and hair color.

This is one of the most important topics I’ve seen covered, and I’ve never seen a nail color video like this.

In the video, I share some tips on how to color your nails in order to achieve a perfect manicure.

Here are some of the things I learned along the way.


Nail Color is more than just your nails.

Nail color is the pigment in your nails that is used to create the shape of your nails and also creates the color on your skin.


Nails are your canvas for the creation of color.

It is up to you to create what you want your nails to look like.


The color on my skin is a result of the pigments in my nail.


Nailing colors are a result from the genetics of the nail.

Your hair color is determined by your genetics.


You don’t have to look at your nails all day long.


You can get creative and have fun!


Naturals can be fun.

They can be beautiful.

You just have to have the right amount of fun! 

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